When I sing, I seek a way that leads me into a fulfilling sound and into the freedom of my expression. Singing involves going into the deeper part of yourself so I can draw from it: actually it is working on one’s own presence.

To support this process, I work with a body-based method, the “Danis Bois Method”, which is also called “Sensorial Education” (“Pédagogie Perceptive”).

I offer this work to my singers – of course optionally – and also to people who do not sing.

For beginners I offer individual work – for advanced students in the method a small group on Tuesdays from 17.30 to 19.00. There we train our perception with slow gestural movements. By means of kind of sensorial introspection, we practice meditation. It is a fine work on our consciousness, which makes the contact with our inwardness more intense.

Through our body, that is, our own matter, a wonderful access to mind and soul opens up. This affects our sound and expression in a beautiful way. Thus we can use our own potential of liveliness and sensuality better than before.

If you are interested please contact me.