As a singing teacher, I have been able to gain versatile experiences through many years of work with pupils and students at very different levels.

Therefore, I am both qualified for the training of very powerful young singers, but can also give voice lessons for beginners.

I love to touch the vitality of a person and to set it free through singing. For what else is the vocal tone than a psychical and physical movement, transformed into the audible, a sensation made to sound through the breath and the intimacy of the heart?

In my class, the focus is on the individuality of each person – it is my concern that every individual can find his own distinctive sound and expression.

I always consider singing as a part of self-discovery in the sense of an improvement in the perception of one’s own emotionality and the mental condition and its connection to body, breathing and voice.

In classical singing, however, the acquisition of specific skills plays an important role. So it is about technique and also about power. I attach great value to both through a thorough and systematic approach. This, of course, requires the learner to practice independently.

After a while, in the best case, the singing itself will no longer reveal anything of this effort: it will sound relaxed, full of love and devotion.

It is my inner drive to hear singing that comes from a fusion of body, mind and soul. It is important to consider all these – the result is moments of joy.

Two additional trainings have accompanied and enriched my personal development as a singer and singing teacher over the years:

  • on the one hand, an education in deep psychiatry-based body therapy at the International Academy for Body Therapy (1999 – 2002)
  • on the other hand, an education in Sensorial Education according to the Danis Bois Method (2013 – 2017).

Thus I also offer working with a body-based method to support your own development.

(See Meditation and Movement)