Classical singing lessons

  • I teach a solid singing technique using Belcanto
  • Qualified assistance in dealing with the various repertoire
  • Artistic expression
  • Clarifying questions about stylistically correct interpretation

Vocal education for beginners


Exam preparation

  • Preparation for university studies (entrance examination for school music, church music)
  • Preparation for auditions
  • Preparation for concerts

Vocal coaching

  • Breathing and how to use  your voice at your job
  • Speech training
  • Enabling further personal experiences in the interaction of breath, voice, body and expression
  • Presentation

Teaching of basic musical knowledge

Practical ear training, rhythm and harmony for the singer.

Teaching literature

I mainly work with classical and romantic repertoire but also with songs of the 20th century.

Furthermore, I teach arias from the baroque and classical opera repertoire.

Due to my church music background, I am also very much attached to ancient music and spiritual compositions from all epochs.

Teaching form and performance training

I mostly teach individual lessons, but often I also work with my singers in ensembles (duets, trios, vocal ensembles).

For performance training I organize regular class performances  (at least twice a year).

Every two years I organize a public concert with my students for charity purposes.

About the organizational framework

The trial lesson is not free of charge. The fee will be credited after a contract has been concluded.

I can also teach in English or French.